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Thank you for this mouse-sized musing, David. Sometimes the simplest act of giving gives the greatest joy and I will try to recollect shunyata too.

Thank you, also, for sharing your pictures from the Safari, they are wonderful to see.

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Lovely post!

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I feel that I have no money to offer but the delight of seeing my wife when ever I visit her in the Alzheimers Home When I take her a meal or a special treat is above all comprehension of giving the delight. She is uplifted and excited by an ice cream or a meal. Her light shines out and her love is doubled. It is such a surge in my heart that I have brought her something she loves.

I would

Love to take her home with me but I know I can’t give her what she needs, she needs to take her medication and live

By the rules of the home.

I would love to take her by the hand and take her home with me, but I know it wouldn’t be right for her.

As much as I miss her, I can’t cave into taking her home. It just wouldn’t

Be right for her or me. 42years of

Love and being together will not be assuaged by taking her home as she would neglect her meds and eating a proper meal. I love her with all my heart but have to be content with her in the home

I am not physically able to offer her the care she needs snd deserves.

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"Any time of happiness that we’re able to recollect shunyata, becomes a moment of transcendence."


Beautiful !

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I eagerly open my Saturday offering from you, David. This one helped me recall how easily I lose sight of moments of joy and oneness, and to treasure them as offerings I can send out to others. There are so many ways to give. A few moments recently with a TSA agent who radiated kindness can still fill me with well being. It's contagious! Kathy

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Thank you David. As always, you present me with new ways of viewing and considering how to embrace this life journey/story I've come here to experience.

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Sending you and your companions (animal, vegetable, mineral and human) much love and joy! 💜🙏🧘‍♀️😻

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Dearest David,

You all are so lucky. I love elephants. thanks for the beautifult pictures.

Thousands of blesings for all of you, as well as the animals who are there with you.

Rossy Cortes


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Thank you so much David, for sending the photographs, they are wonderful. I wish I could be there too, soaking up the atmosphere of being part of your Mindful Safaris at Masuwe Lodge set in the stunning tropical savannah of Zimbabwe.

For the moment I just have to be there in spirit and hopefully in a year or two I can join you and enjoy the company of like thinking people.

Always a joy to read the activities of little HHC and the mouse sized musings that comes with her presence.

Best wishes to you all. Trish

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Thank you David,

I realize that I hadn't grasped that concept at all!! to have it explained in a fun way is great. I had to go and re read the karmic addition to fully understand, as I still felt that those in suffering should receive those offerings just as much if not more. So thanks for the extra post to help with that concept.

I am so glad that you are doing what you do for us, and all the animals, people, etc that you support.

PS LOVE the giraffe.

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